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Dtech is an innovative entertainment developer in the field of Virtual Reality. Since 2010 we have developed 3 attractions, have written more than 10 unique stories for them, and have opened more than 30 business units in 14 cities of Ukraine and Poland.

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Аттракционы 7d

7d Attractions

7Dtech is a unique combination of realistic 3D images, dynamic platform and special effects that exactly follow the plot of the video! The cozy cinema has seven seats, which is ideal for a large company.
Аттракционы xride

xride Attractions

XRIDE is an extreme attraction with a 360 degree view. XRIDE combines the latest development of VR technology, a dynamic platform and modern special effects, which results in the effect of full immerse.
аренда оборудования


Dtech company offers rental services for XRIDE attraction and VR helmets with gaming content. They are suitable for large-scale events, as well as for small corporate parties and personal celebrations.
You do not need to worry about anything, we take care of all the organizational issues. All you have to do is enjoy the emotions.
Our clients are Coca-Cola, Nix Solutions, event agencies Philosophy of a Holiday, Good, etc.
студия VR


VR Studio is a part of Dtech companies. In addition to creating animation films for VR attractions, the studio is engaged in the development of applications, advertising and educational projects, tours of virtual reality. The studio is also involved in the development of cross-platform VR games for Oculus, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, iOS, and Android.


Масштаб компании Dtech Масштаб компании Dtech
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