7Dtech is a unique combination of realistic 3D view, dynamic platform and special effects

water splashes, wind gusts as well as smoke and lightning flashes, which exactly repeat the plot of the video clip!

made in ukraine

7 seats available

20+ adventures

For family recreation

7D Attraction Costs

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Adventures in this category have a duration of up to 5 minutes and suit well for the youngest viewers.
95 UAH
Adventures in this category have the most vivid and extremal plot, are the most viewed, and are filled with the special effects.
135 UAH
Adventures in this category have a single storyline and can be found in every genre.
115 UAH

Our Guests' Emotions

Attractions Attendance Policy

Attractions Attendance Policy

Visiting time

The duration of adventures is 3-8 minutes.

Alcohol and drugs

Attendance whilst under the influence of alcohol and drugs is not allowed.

Age restrictions

Children under 4 years of age (attendance of a session by children under 6 years of age must be accompanied by adults).


and health problems

Experience is not recommend for people with epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases, and pregnant women.

Weight restrictions

Maximum allowable visitor mass - 120 kg

Walking around during a session

It is forbidden to walk around the platform during the session.

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Mall "Podolyani", 1st floor
Блок для работы календаря (не правим)

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